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3/18/2016 Mr. Ralph Benfatto said:

Hiliany was very professional. I explained to her in the beginning of this process what I wanted to do and what I expected to happen. We listed our Condo and within 2 weeks we were in contract. Being we live in New York and the property was in south Florida, we relied on Hiliany to take control  of the clean up of the apartment and then the showing of the apartment to potential buyers which she handled like a true professional. As important as those things were, what I really appreciated were her immediate responses to my phone calls and emails. I was never left in the dark during this sale. I would recommend Hiliany to anyone who needs any real estate services. A true professional.

3/3/2016 Mr. and Mrs. Hadweh said:

Excelente atención y preocupación para  con sus clientes en todo lo que hemos necesitado, en especial la Sra. Hiliany Munguia, que es una persona completamente confiable.  
Sr. y Sra. Hadweh
Excellent attention and concern to its customers in everything we needed, specially Ms. Hiliany Munguia, a completely reliable person.
Mr. and Mrs. Hadweh

12/27/2015 Estella Castellar said:

Hiliany is very professional, easy to work with and always delivered on time … , efficient in her approach to work. I am very satisfied with her work, she helped me in all ways that she can.

04/06/2015 Martha Arteaga said:

I really appreciate Hiliany for her honesty, knowledge, kindly, and dedication. She represents us great to handle all the business on our properties. She help us to buy and sell them. She works fast, efficiently and with focus in our needs. She’s knows the market and We value her recommendations  and trends. She is very professional handling all the maintenance on the properties. I would recommend her to anyone who is trying to buy, sell, or rent a property! She meets and exceed the expectations and always works hard for our interests. And the best, She is very a young woman that work hard for her kids and every day doing more and more for the clients, employees and friends.

03/10/2015 Rich said:

I like Hiliany. She worked fast and communicated well. She worked after hours to accommodate my schedule. She put in effort to get the house marketed and on the market fast. Her fees were lower than the competitions in most cases. When things did not go perfect , she rolled with the changes. She is  also quite attractive, so why not choose a Realtor who is beautiful. Makes buying or selling just a little more fun!


02/28/2015 Carlos El Bascha said:

Hiliany helped us to buy our apartment back in 2013 in the Ft Lauderdale area. Also she find us a client for rent it!! She responses quickly to any need we might have and is very professional h andling all the maintenance on the unit. She is proactive, a person of truly trust for us and she represents us great to handle all the business on our apartment. I do recommend her as realtor agent because she meets and exceed our expectations so far!